7 Ways To Enjoy Taking Veggies For Breakfast

Breakfast hashes are rapidly gaining popularity around the world as one of the favorite A.M dishes available, and I fully support them. They are tasty, versatile and also very healthy-you can fill them up easily with vegetables to jumpstart your day on the recommended 2 1/2 cup serving. Even if you are taking them for the first time for breakfast, hashes will still make a substantial and delicious treat when paired with kale, corn, and sweet potatoes for your morning coffee.

Apart from their vegetable potential, breakfast hashes also have a lot more going for them. Most of the recipes only require a single pan to whip up, and are very easy to prepare beforehand.

Personally, I like preparing the ‘base’ part of the hash for an entire week of nutritious breakfasts, then fry up an egg to place on top when I’m finally ready to eat it. Hashes are also a great way to make use of leftover vegetables or meat in your refrigerator, which you don’t want to throw away in the dustbin. Also keep in mind that they are too damn tasty, once you start taking them you will soon forget about other forms of breakfast.

Generally, the more hashes you add to your favorite list, the more you’ll appreciate trying out your own unique recipes and ingredients. Nevertheless, the below 7 veggie-filled breakfast hashes are innovative, delicious places to begin.

I. Kale and Roast Sweet Potato Hash from the Minimalist Baker

Sautéed tofu can add a quick and simple treat of protein to this colorful medley. Find out more about the recipe here.

II. Naturally Ella’s Root Vegetable Hash

Certain root veggies like carrots, potatoes and turnips hold up quite well in the refrigerator, meaning you can easily save the remainder for the next day’s breakfast (or even lunch and supper). Visit here for the full recipe.

III. Foxes Love Lemons’ Brussels and Sweet Potato Hash

This amazing treat only requires 4 ingredients to prepare, it’s a hearty hash that’s super-easy to make with only some salt and pepper needed for tasting. Click here for the full recipe.

IV. Blissful Basil’s Southwest Breakfast Hash

Homemade pico-de-gallo and guacamole are completely breakfast appropriate for this tasty dish. Get the full recipe here.

V. Love and Lemons’ Butter-nut Squash Breakfast Hash

For this treat you’ll require zucchini, kale, squash, broccolini and some radish for garnish. Once made it will easily become one of most vibrant dishes in your list. Click here for the recipe.

VI. Roast Corn Summer-Breakfast Hash from the How Sweet It Is Bakery

In this hash, bacon and potatoes make the main ingredients and are deliciously traditional. Whereas other vegetable ingredients such as onions, zucchini, peppers and corn are also added to shake things up. Find the full recipe here.

VII. Sweet Potato and Greens Hash from Dietitian Debbie

For a tastier dish, pair this nutritiously balanced hash together with some fruit cuttings and a toast. It will make the perfect lazy brunch for one- preferably with a cup of coffee and book to read by your side. Click here for the recipe.

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