Best Women’s Plus Size Bathing Suits for Any Body

Shopping for clothing can be a daunting challenge for many women, whether due to a large bust, short legs, wide hips, or anything else. Shopping can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it comes to choosing the right fit when it comes to swimsuits. It takes a lot of combing through a multitude of swimsuit options before finding just the right pick for your figure, or several of them for that matter.

Swimsuit shopping can be especially hard for larger ladies whose sizes aren’t regularly available in stores. Thus, it’s easiest to shop for women’s plus size bathing suits based on 4 main body types. These include the woman with a large bust, wide hips/large backside, a straight figure, and those with a larger mid-section.

Below are some good options for women’s plus size bathing suits you may want to consider.

For Large Bust Women

If you have the busty type of body, you probably want adequate coverage (no wardrobe malfunctions here) and support, so a swimsuit that measures its bust area with a cup size will likely work the best. Just like most plus size bras do, the bathing suit should be able to lift your bust so that you look and feel great. To achieve this, look for width, underwire boning, adjustable straps, and cup-size fits.

String bikinis don’t offer the same kind of support (they don’t really offer any support!) but if that’s what you prefer, look for a top with adjustable “cups” that can expand along the string that lies under your bust and ties in the back. Those tops allow you more coverage.

women's plus size bathing suits

Halter tops can also offer support without the structure of an underwire top, but the downside is that the larger your bust, the most the straps will pull on your neck.

Small Bust

There is no one luckier than the less endowed ladies when it comes to bathing suits and swimwear. They have a wider variety of options to choose from, including supportive bikinis, lifts, contoured, and just about any other style or pattern. However, for women who want to make their bust look larger, the easiest way to do so is with a top that offers support, has ruffles, and/or has padding.

Swimsuits for Straight Figure

For women who don’t have a large top or bottom, there are a number of women’s plus size bathing suits to consider. This body type is also considered an “athletic” body, regardless how in shape you are. The type of suit you should look for depends on what you’d like to emphasize or cover, whether you’re looking for a more enhanced, curvy look or maybe something more modest. If you’re after the hourglass shape, some things to consider include adding cut-outs and shirring to the mid-section of the suit, or some bold prints for a curvier look.

Swimsuits for Full Hips and Thighs

They say thick thighs save lives, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to show their thighs off. Large hips and thighs can be big attention-callers. If your body type is the bottom-heavy type, you may be looking for a suit that focuses the eye somewhere else other than that area. The main goal is to wear a swimsuit that draws the eyes away from the bottom. This means selecting suits with bolder patterns or colors for the top. Pick something with a higher-cut leg line to make your legs look longer (which balances out thick thighs) and avoid bottoms that hit high straight across your thighs to avoid looking wider at this area.

While these are only basic tips, they can really help narrow down your search so you can make the best pick when it comes to women’s plus size bathing suits. The secret is to consider what you’re really looking to achieve. Of course, you will also want to ensure that it’s your right fit, pattern, and color. Most importantly, go for suits designed for a comfortable fit, flattering or not.

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