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Super Strike Characters

Events. can be used to raise the Super Attack level of other Trunks (Xeno) cards. Latest Content. Consists of characters who traveled through time or were revived from the past. 01 - The A new Super Strike Event is now on! Sign-up for​. Farmable Super Attack; use the search box at the top right corner, type the character you want to find. for example, Goku. type Goku, option/s will appear, choose. A new Super Strike Event is now on! Take You can only choose the Friend and stage-specific characters that comply with the stage restrictions.

Super Strike Beach Volleyball

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 features the iconic cast of characters we all know and love. super electric strike (still very good despite not being as good as the. · Which Super Strikes should you focus on getting to SA 15? Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle! Super Strike. ATK +20%. 18 Characters, 18 Cards. AGL. Events. can be used to raise the Super Attack level of other Trunks (Xeno) cards. Latest Content. Consists of characters who traveled through time or were revived from the past. 01 - The A new Super Strike Event is now on! Sign-up for​.

Super Strike Characters Show Your Support for Super Strike! Video

Mario \u0026 Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - All Super Strikes (Fencing)

Super Strike Characters Super Strike. ATK +20%. 18 Characters, 18 Cards. AGL. TEQ. Characters And Factions The major factions of the Super Strike 10 universe. The map of the Galaxy. The main 10 members of the Super Strike team. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. No comments: Post a Comment. Home. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom). 13/05/ · Super strike characters are a waste Fluff The only good thing about them is the mini god leaders and sealers but that's just it in jp eventually in glb you don't need super strike characters anymore just use the farmable cards of course there is going to be future LRs that need them but as of right now they aren't as useful in jp and eventually in glb.

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The Golden Owl of Athena.
Super Strike Characters When the player places in the Peggle Slots 3, the Super Flower Cup is unlocked. Mario Power TennisWii. A promotional browser game was released in called Super Mario Strikers -- Heads Up. A new Super Strike Event is now on! Take You can only choose the Friend and stage-specific characters that comply with the stage restrictions. [EVENT] New Savage Sovereign Invades! A new Super Strike Event is now on! Defeat King Vegeta, and you will have a chance to obtain [Proud Royalty] King. · Which Super Strikes should you focus on getting to SA 15? Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle! Super Strike. ATK +20%. 18 Characters, 18 Cards. AGL. Farmable Super Attack; use the search box at the top right corner, type the character you want to find. for example, Goku. type Goku, option/s will appear, choose. The Super Strike is a special ability of the team's captain. By performing it, the player can take a high-powered shot at the goal; if they score with a Super Strike, it counts as two goals instead of one. Playable characters Team Captains. Super strike characters are a waste Fluff The only good thing about them is the mini god leaders and sealers but that's just it in jp eventually in glb you don't need super strike characters anymore just use the farmable cards of course there is going to be future LRs that need them but as of right now they aren't as useful in jp and eventually in glb. Super Strike. ATK +20%. 18 Characters, 18 Cards. AGL. TEQ. Super Striker League is a Roblox game developed by Cinder Studio. It is based on the real life sport, soccer. 1 Egg Hunt 2 RB Battles Season 2 3 Credits asadfdgfhjgfdzaSDAAS Speed: Increases the player's base movement speed Defense: Reduces cooldowns and stamina used by tackles/dekes, and reduces how long the player gets knocked down for ==D Super Striker League participated in the Egg. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Total Overdrive. Find the cards, build your team, create a graph to see how they link - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Unterstützte Suchoperatoren:. AzureTheGamerKobold Profil anzeigen Beiträge Aktienkurs Bet At Home.
Super Strike Characters

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Add Item. Supa Strikas travel to Mexico to confront the biggest goalkeeper in the Super League. Shakes uncovers De Los Santos' past, and makes an amazing discovery in the big man's hometown: mysterious Aztec ruins As Supa Strikas face Twisting Tiger's old team, FC Nakama, but Nakama coach Ura Giri releases a DVD of all Tiger's secret moves and also told FC Nakama's captain Miko Chen that Twisting Tiger had been unloyal to him he had revealed everything about his wounded leg and his old team to Supa Strikas to punish Tiger for leaving the team.

Now the famous midfielder needs to find new moves Pressure is on as Supa Strikas arrive in Spain to play Barka FC and star striker, Riano.

But Shakes gets some training from Riano's old Coach, Golare, which turns out to be less than helpful!

Now, can Shakes forget everything he's learned to overcome Barka in the big game? Big Bo helps local prison inmates by training their soccer team.

But Knuckles, a nasty convict, looks just like Big Bo and switches places with him! El Matador's selfish play causes headaches for Strikas.

Coach sends him to Solinesia to learn the ancient football game that is all about teamwork. But hopes are dashed when he is banished from the country!

Thank goodness for Khin, a monk who slips Chinlon scrolls into El Matador's bag! Coach's stress levels have been steadily rising But Supa Strikas' enemies Invincible United realise it's the perfect time to send in a saboteur: one who will coach Supa Strikas as BADLY as possible!

He relies on visual signals to communicate with his teammates. But evil opposition coach, Toni Vern, plots to exploit this, and ensure Supa Strikas will be playing blind at their next fixture!

The countdown to the Super League Final has begun! Supa Strikas will fight their old rivals Invincible United. But the deceitful Vince with the help of Toni Vern smuggles a remote-control ball into the stadium on match day!

Supa Strikas will need the help of Spenza PI to get to the bottom of this trickery! To boost sales of Cool Joe's new line of boots, Supa Strikas must wear them for upcoming clashes.

But Invincible United's Vince is up to his usual tricks. He swaps Cool Joe's boots with ones that get heavier as you play! Now, how will Supa Strikas beat their old rivals?

Little does Vince know, this is exactly what the two forwards need to find the weakness in their opponent's defensive wall Invincible United's unscrupulous striker, Skarra, kidnaps the Professor and forces the fitness genius to help him outdo his enemies.

Now Supa Strikas come up against a frighteningly super-sized opponent! Shakes must have his wits about him to figure out how to overcome this giant!

Supa Strikas are annihilated by Orion's amazing airborne moves. Coach takes them to a space facility to train in a magnetic levitation chamber.

But Supa Strikas get more than they bargained for when an evil henchman blasts them into outer space on a shuttle test flight!

Rival team, Invincible United, orchestrate a fan ban for upcoming Supa Strikas matches! El Matador doesn't think it's a big deal, but come crunch time, he cannot perform in the empty stadium!

Will his biggest fan be able to save the day? Supa Strikas get the fright of their lives upon hearing that Sultans have signed famed triplets, the Amal 3.

They are said to have a psychic connection that cannot be beaten! Now it's up to Cool Joe to figure out whether the Amal 3's gift is fact Cool Joe found that Amal 3 do not have a psychic connection and only 1 of them control the other two.

Supa Strikas are to play the notorious Iron Tank at their stadium high in the Alps. Because of the altitude, Iron Tank remains unbeaten on home ground!

To Coach's dismay, Shakes and North Shaw struggle to acclimatize, and are sent on a mountain adventure to adapt to the altitude!

When they were training in the mountains, Iron Tank captain had stolen the GPS device and they are in big trouble. Will they be able to get out on time and reach for their match?

The Blok, Supa Strikas defender, speaks only his native Brislovian. Evil opposition coach, Toni Vern, unnerves him by recruiting his brother, Attack.

But Vern invents a collar that allows Attak on-the-spot language translation! The plot thickens when Blok receives a similar device Things go horribly wrong en route to Hydra's floating stadium when Twisting Tiger's lucky charm is flung into the ocean!

After a terrible game against Hydra, Supa Strikas set out to recover the charm. Beneath the stadium, they discover Hydra is hiding a big secret!

The most prized artifact in Supa Strikas' club history is the Secret Training Manual. The book travels to the Museum of the Beautiful Game in Los Angeles, where Supa Strikas are set to play FC Technicali.

But Shakes uncovers a nefarious plot involving hypnosis When Big Bo loses his memory in a nasty fall, opposition team, Cosmos, waste no time ensuring he won't make it to the upcoming match.

Now Shakes must conquer Bo's incredible home training course to discover the big man's whereabouts! Hack, a pro in the video game"Super League X" has won the grand prize in the Super League X competitiontraveling with Supa Strikas to their next match in Japan with Nakama!

In Japan, Supa Strikas' coach got kidnapped by Ura Giri, the Nakama's coach. While Hack ran away because Supa Strikas didn't really give him a good welcome.

Now Supa Strikas have to find Hack back because he holds the key to beat Nakama. In a provocative move, Vince buys Shakes' childhood community centre!

During a televised interview, Skarra impulsively agrees to play Shakes for the beloved grounds. But Supa Strikas aren't up against any old team.

They now face a team of the Super League's best players Will there any chances Shakes could revenge Skaara to protect his old home with Aces?

The Supa Strikas got invited to film a TV show called"Strike Team" in the off season. They got so into it, that they believe they are really the best in the world.

They refuse to listen to coach and just playing their own cool and style play. Which being kidnapped by the raiders in the desert.

From Toni Vern to Colonel Von Pushup, the Super League's greatest minds are perplexed by team Orion's mysterious new tactics. It seems they have all been trumped by Coach Black's otherworldly brain power.

Unfortunately, Supa Strikas' own tactical genius, the Professor, has been fired! Can Shakes convince him to refocus on cracking the Orion Code? Supa Strikas play the Supa League's mysterious new side at their creepy mountain-top stadium.

But Big Bo's form takes a serious nosedive when he hears that a former Grimm FC captain haunts the stadium! Is Big Bo just superstitious or is there something more to the legend of Spike Dawson's ghost?

When Klaus get pushed into the starting lineup just before a big game against Technicali, the pressure quickly gets to him. So, when he stumbles upon Toni Vern's latest invention, a soccer super-suit, he steals it for himself.

Klaus must choose between being the main man and coming clean to his teammates. When Invincible United's foul play gets them in trouble with the Super League, Vince hires a magician to pull off the ultimate soccer illusion: how to foul and dive without being caught!

Supa Strikas are used to Invincible United's dirty tricks, but can they handle their magic tricks? When Cool Joe gets signed by a big record label it's a dream come true for the Supa Strikas winger.

But soon he gets caught up in show business - losing the groove in both his music and on the soccer field!

With Supa Strikas dependent on him for a crucial Iron Tank match, will Cool Joe face the music about his newfound career? The Supa Strikas play against Hydra FC.

Which have a new technique past every defence team. Coach has his men ready for the coincidence, but North Shaw only cares about his waves.

So, he went surfing without having Coach noticing him. Which have been sabotaged by Liquido. Hydra's floating stadium is also sinking down because of the high swell.

How will North Shaw get back to the stadium which is underneath him? Coach sends Shakes for some special training with an eccentric heading coach, nicknamed the Battering Ram!

After dodging soccer balls fired from cannons and leaping off cliffs, will Shakes master the training before the big game against Barka?

Scrap that Ahead of a big Technicali encounter, Shakes reveals his secret The Zone. But Shakes finds himself in the twilight zone when Coach organises some virtual reality training to find the source of The Zone.

As the training gets weirder and weirder, Shakes starts to suspect that things are not what they seem! Supa Strikas take their game to the next level as they play Sultans in Skyball Ultimate 5's - an action-packed tournament on top of the world's tallest building.

What's more, the winner is decided by public vote. But, with the Sheikh pulling strings to make sure Sultans win, how will Supa Strikas finish on top?

When Shakes, Klaus and El Matador sneak out to an underground mall in Tokyo, the Nakama coach blows their cover! To evade crazy fans and rabid sewer rats the trio must use all their tactical and physical resources to get back to their training camp undetected by their Coach With a volcanic ash cloud grounding air travel, Supa Strikas take a luxury steam train back home for their Invincible United clash.

But they soon find themselves embroiled in mystery when their high-tech training carriage disappears in the dead of night!

Can the Men in Red solve the crime and win the game? Dooma, the Invincible United's new captain, has been hired by Vince.

With Dooma's help, Invincible United had squeezed into the super league finals, against their rivals, Supa Strikas. But Skarra had been really mad at how Dooma took his place as captain.

Because of that, he decided to uncover Dooma's past. While Shakes got ahead with his plan because of Spenza's curiosity.

Shakes discovered Dooma's secret. But ruined by Skarra. Shakes got attacked by a psychiatrist, who had helped Dooma with his previous game. How would Shakes break free?

Can Supa Strikas be the super league champion for the third time? El Matador always wear his one-of-a-kind goggles when playing football. Toni Vern tries to sabotage El Matador using an identical goggles with virtual reality capabilities.

The whole team thinks El Matador is losing it, when he starts talking to a magazine reporter that is not actually there, but the reporter is actually John.

Johnson Junior playing around with the goggles. Supa Strikas are training to get ready against Iron Tank and their super goalkeeper, "The Mangler".

Dancing Rasta finds a way to score a super fast goal but an interference by Iron Tank FC's U-boat causes him to lose his memory. Shakes must find out what Rasta learned while Rasta must fend off another deadly sabotage from Iron Tank.

Shakes and his fellow winners at a Super League Award show get invited to compete on Soccer Island, which is actually a reality TV show.

Skarra becomes the villain of the show, sabotaging fellow contestants and boosting the show's ratings. El Matador snuck into the show because he wasn't invited, and creates problems for the TV production crew.

The Professor create a robot in the appearance of Blok as a tour guide for Supa Strikas' museum, but Toni Vern swaps the memory chip in Roblok using his robot's chip.

Now Roblok is programmed to cause injury to other players on the field, while the real Blok is trapped at the local dump.

Can Shakes figure out what is happening to his friend?? Spike Dawson is at it again. He frames Big Bo for the theft of Grimm FC's sacred book of tactics, while he tries to steal Big Bo's gloves to add to his collection.

Big Bo must outsmart both Spike Dawson and the Super League investigators to clear his name. Shakes is returning from nursing his injury after playing against Iron Tank, but he can't get past his fear of going against Uber who caused the injury.

Coach talks Shakes into taking a trip abroad to clear his head, which leads Shakes to China where he learns the art of Cuju. Unfortunately, Iron Tank has been following him around and they kidnap Shakes' trainer to learn Cuju.

A strange light envelopes Orion's stadium, sparking rumours of aliens helping Orion to win their matches.

A group of believers enlist Klaus to uncover the secrets behind the lights. El Matador freaks out when he thinks he ran into aliens outside the stadium.

After El Matador bungles an easy shot during a match, he runs away from the team. Shakes and Klaus track him down at an abandoned cruise ship full of El Matador lookalikes who worship him.

Klaus thinks that he traveled through time after seeing El Matador and his "future" selves. Cool Joe uses four football spins to pass the ball.

When the team gets invited to a motion capture studio to put their moves in the next Super League game, Cool Joe's moves are discovered by Nakama's coach Ura Giri.

Nakama manage to intercept his pass in the first half. Can he come up with a fifth spin before the second half ends??

When North Shaw and Blok get dominated by Palmentieri's Don Aldo, their confidence hits rock bottom. So, Coach sends them to regroup at an isolated hotel in the Amazon, before the return leg in Rio.

But when North realises they may be near a mythical lost Jungle Stadium, their confidence-building session becomes a perilous expedition!

Twisting Tiger and Liquido from Hydra FC are the fastest sprinters in the Super League. When Hydra wins at Strikaland using Liquido's speed, the team heads to the Floating Stadium for the return match, but not before undergoing Hydra's signature style underwater training.

Tiger manages to increase his speed using the training, but Liquido then sets Tiger up for a friendly underwater game, only to trap him using heavy training weights.

Shakes and North Shaw must help Tiger unlock the weights before Coach finds out and benches Tiger for the match. Sultans' coach has recently completed construction of the Super League's biggest stadium - The Goliath!

It boasts a shopping mall, hotels and, unfortunately for rival teams, home fans! He is the first Chinese opponent in the original Street Fighter , [31] encountered at the Great Wall of China.

He later appears in the manga Street Fighter: Sakura Ganbaru! He appears in UDON's Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li to challenge Fei Long for the honor of revealing a Chinese artifact.

Lee is revealed to be an undisclosed relative of the Street Fighter III characters Yun and Yang. He is the second opponent the player faces in the US in the original Street Fighter.

He is thought to be a precursor to Balrog known as M. Bison in Japan from Street Fighter II due to his similar profile and outer appearance.

He makes a cameo appearance Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. He is the first opponent the player faces in Japan in the original Street Fighter.

The Street Fighter Alpha series consists of three games: Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams , Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3 The series as a whole serves as a prequel to the Street Fighter II series.

She first appears in Juli and Juni 's introduction in Street Fighter Alpha 3. She makes her first playable appearance in Ultra Street Fighter IV , where it is revealed that she is an earlier, imperfect product of Shadaloo's cloning experiments that would eventually result in Cammy's creation.

Years later, during the S. She entered the Street Fighter universe in Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX for the PSP. Little is known about her, although Alpha 3 MAX presents some possibilities about her true origins.

Her source of power is apparently derived from Psycho Power , yet is not purely evil like that of M. Bison ; though seemingly quite similar to Rose's Soul Power.

Ingrid claims that she is the true bearer of what is called "Psycho Power", telling M. Bison that the Psycho Power is "her power" and that he has stolen it.

Her power is so intense that if given the chance, she can actually break Ryu's madness if he ever succumbs to the Satsui no Hado.

Bison came into possession of the item is never explained, though it bears a resemblance to the crests on her head. When M. Bison is eventually defeated, she comments that a regular human being like him couldn't possibly control such power and takes the whole Psycho Drive with her as she leaves.

Ingrid also possesses psychic abilities similar to Rose's, addressing both Ryu and Rose by name, despite never revealing them to her. Rose also cannot look into Ingrid's future as she did with other Street Fighters.

It should be noted however that Ingrid's Street Fighter V character profile disregards her story from Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX , amending her backstory to be more in line with how she was originally going to be portrayed in Capcom Fighting All-Stars.

She appears as a solo unit in Project X Zone 2. On Capcom's official Street Fighter Character Poll , Ingrid ranked 4th most popular character in the Japanese rankings.

Before the final battle against M. Bison in the single-player mode , the player faces them simultaneously in a two-on-one fight similar to the Dramatic Battle match.

The two characters can be unlocked in the arcade version, but they have no storyline in the actual game, sharing their ending with M.

They are similar to Cammy in character design, but have their own special moves and super combos. Juli and Juni are the only characters in Alpha 3 to have combined special moves and super combos; these are used exclusively when both characters fight as a pair during the Dramatic Battle mode.

The twelve members of the Dolls are named after the months of the Gregorian calendar in various languages, Juli and Juni being German for July and June.

Juli's backstory is further developed in the console versions of Alpha 3 with the addition of T. Hawk to the cast. Hawk's single-player storyline, Juli is revealed to be Julia, his girlfriend who used to live in his home village until she was kidnapped and brainwashed by Shadaloo.

They make cameo appearances in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos and in Super Street Fighter IV. After Guy defeats him, he passes on his title as Master and disappears.

He makes his playable debut in Street Fighter V DLC season 2, when he re-emerges to establish his own ninja clan and develop a new fighting style.

During gameplay, he can vanish and reappear as a younger version of himself, which bears a strong resemblance to another Capcom character Strider Hiryu.

Alex is a wrestler from New York who first appears in Street Fighter III: New Generation. His parents died at a young age, so he was raised by his father's friend, Tom, who trained him in fighting.

In New Generation , Tom loses a fight with Gill , the president of the Illuminati and injured a result.

This angere Alex and prompted him to enter the third World Warrior tournament hosted by Gill in order kill him. Alex beats Gill and wins the tournament, but spares Gill, who is impressed about Alex's skills after their encounter.

Alex eventually returns to Tom as a changed person after fighting various people around the world.

Alex returns in Street Fighter III: Third Strike with a slightly different personality. He meets Ryu and fought him, only to lose, in which Ryu told Alex to explore the world and find worthy fighters.

Alex makes an appearance in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars as a playable character, alongside other Street Fighter characters, Ryu and Chun-Li.

He also appears in Capcom Fighting All-Stars and Capcom Fighting Evolution. He then competes in a tag-team exhibition match with Laura against Zangief and R.

Mika , which is broadcast live on television. However the signal cuts out due to a Black Moon detonating over New York City, causing a blackout.

Dhalsim comes to his trailer, wanting the chess piece, but Alex believes Dhalsim is a mugger and fights him. Dhalsim successfully convinces Alex otherwise and receives the chess piece from Alex.

Dhalsim then tells Alex that big things will happen to him in the future, foreshadowing his role as the main character of the Street Fighter III series, and teleports away.

In December , Alex ranked 44th on Gamest's "Top 50" video game characters, tying with Goro Daimon, and in January was named the 22nd-best character of the preceding year, tying with Ryuji Yamazaki.

His ultimate goal is to test the skills of several warriors and coerce them into his cause. Gill appears in his default costume as a tall, muscular man with flowing blond hair, the right side of his body colored red, and the left side colored blue, wearing nothing but a loincloth.

However, he is selectable once he is unlocked from within the console versions of 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike. He appears in the ending of Street Fighter V revealing that Helen is in fact his secretary Kolin.

Gill makes his playable debut in Street Fighter V as a playable character in the Champion Edition update. He makes his first Street Fighter appearance in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact , in which he wears a similar pink leopard-print shirt and pants with chains around his waist.

Hugo is the son of a farmer from the German countryside and was raised alongside his two younger sisters. After leaving his hometown at the age of 20, he becomes a popular wrestler in the US, with former street warrior Poison, another enemy character from Final Fight , as his manager.

Hugo's final opponent in the single-player mode varies, the four possibilities being Gill, Ryu, Elena and Necro. Afterwards, Hugo and his rival go on to form a tag team to compete in the CWA tag tournament.

In 3rd Strike , Hugo achieves such an overwhelming victory in the tag tournament that no other wrestler dares to challenge him anymore.

Worried about the lack of matches for Hugo, Poison forms a new wrestling organization with him, recruiting only the best fighters. In Hugo's ending, he and Poison form the Huge Wrestling Army H.

Capcom: SVC Chaos and Capcom USA's Final Fight Revenge. He also appears as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken with his official tag partner, Poison.

He is an optional pit-fight opponent in Final Fight Streetwise. He also appears as a playable character in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

She is featured prominently in Street Fighter V: A Shadow Falls , operating under the name "Helen" and organizing a group of fighters to help stop Bison's plan in order to advance the Illuminati's goals.

She later joins the playable roster during the game's second season of DLC content. The fighting style she uses is Systema , a hybrid Russian martial arts that can be seen in her use of counters, throws and strikes.

He is the third of four children, with two older brothers and a younger sister. He also has massive data. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he wanders off from his home village and into the vicinity of Moscow , where he comes into contact with Gill's organization, which remodels his DNA to turn him into a living weapon, granting him superhuman flexibility.

His fighting style is simulated by computer, then programmed into his brain with cyber implants. Necro's story is the same in 2nd Impact , in which he gains the nickname "super electromagnetic alien".

In this game, however, he also has a role as one of Hugo's potential final bosses and tag partners, forming the tag team "Thunderbolt".

In 3rd Strike , Necro and Effie are pursued by agents of the organization, but still live in hope of "truth and liberty".

In his ending, Necro saves Effie from falling and thwarts agents of the Illuminati at the Siberian railroad. Q, who first appears in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike , is a mysterious individual in a trenchcoat and hat, whose face is concealed by an expressionless metal mask, based on the main character from Tokusatsu series Robot Detective Robot Keiji K.

Q is being tracked by the CIA because of his presence in numerous strange disasters. All of Q's techniques are named in "descriptive" form rather than with traditionally-styled move names, as if they are given by people who have watched him fight.

Q was nominated third by Heavy. After Remy's sister died, he encased her body in an iced casket, which he keeps in an underwater cove in the Bay of Biscay.

Remy takes his aggression out on other martial artists by challenging them to battle. Remy's rival match illustrates this, as his sudden appearance and challenge surprise Alex, who thinks him nothing but a troubled man.

In his ending, Remy realizes that he has been inadvertently following in his father's footsteps. He makes peace with his sister and follows a new path.

His attacks are similar to that of Guile and Charlie, but no notable connection to them has been established. Impressed by Ken's performance at a martial arts rally, Sean seeks to become his disciple, calling him "Master Ken".

An intense but courteous young man, Sean is determined to win no matter what. He was once trained by his grandfather, who was of Japanese descent.

Sean's greatest weakness is receiving attacks while attacking. He dreams of creating his original special moves. In his ending, he becomes Ken's disciple, only to be told that he needs to defeat Ryu to become worthy.

In 3rd Strike , Sean is allowed to participate in a martial arts tournament, but Ken tells him that his current skills will not even get him through the preliminaries and that he needs to develop his own style.

In his 3rd Strike ending, Sean dreams that he has won the championship title, but in fact he loses in the qualifying rounds as a result of his lack of training.

Capcom , and as a supporting character in Street Fighter V. His stage background, shared with Necro, is Saint Basil's Cathedral. Twelve is the ultimate humanoid weapon developed by Gill's organization.

He has a shapeshifting body that is an improved and strengthened version of the prototype body given to Necro. Via the X. His targets are filled with despair when he corners them.

Despite being considered as a failure, a raw material of Eleven was used to resurrect Charlie Nash by Kolin. Obsessively following every lead on the whereabouts of Shadaloo's remnants, he was found in the burning remains of a Shadaloo base and nursed back to health by a group of mercenaries, working alongside them to rediscover his past and to defeat Shadaloo once and for all.

He recognizes Guile's "Sonic Boom" technique, but refuses to comment when Guile presses him for information about Charlie , its originator.

It is hinted in his original ending that Abel may have been abducted in his youth to serve as a "replacement body" for M. Bison, or created by Shadaloo as a prototype of Seth, a later replacement body.

This is reinforced by dialogue from both Bison and Seth, who refer to him as "the one that got away". The appearance of his eyes change to resemble Seth's during the initiation of his ultra combo.

It is also hinted that Charlie was the person that helped him as Abel recognizes Guile's fighting style and Abel even comments to Chun-Li about the soldier that rescued him from Shadaloo.

Abel's fighting style has elements from Judo , Kyokushin style of karate, Wrestling , Sambo and Mixed martial arts.

He obsesses big judo or wrestling type of throws and slams as well his signature move Flying wheel kick Jap. Mawashi kaiten geri which is originally a full contact karate technique.

He usually wears sambo like composition; blue judogi or sambo kurtka with white shorts and belt and also pair of shin pads and MMA gloves.

In Street Fighter IV his alternate outfit is like the original, only with blue wrestling singlets with embroidered French flag on his chest.

Abel appears as a playable character in the crossover fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken , with his official tag partner, Guile.

In the original design, he was a young judo fighter who wore pigtails and "could be mistaken for a girl". He is found and freed by Balrog, who believes Ed's ability to channel Psycho Power like Bison could be useful.

He is featured in Street Fighter V: A Shadow Falls , having undergone accelerated aging and working alongside Balrog for Shadaloo.

He later joins the playable roster during the game's second season of DLC content, now a grown adult and leader of Neo Shadaloo, an organization seeking to help others who were victims of Shadaloo's experiments.

Bison, as he has the boxing prowess of the former and psychokinetic powers of the latter. He is an aspiring chef who seeks out the greatest fighters to learn what they eat and incorporate their recipes into his cooking.

Despite his love of cooking, he seems to be an incompetent chef. Many of his moves have names referring to Mexican food.

The UDON comic series of Street Fighter shows El Fuerte as a big fan of R. He immediately recognizes fellow wrestler Zangief as "Tornado Rojo" Red Twister , and then announces his own title as "The Hurricane of the Gulf of Mexico".

He has a friendly rivalry with T. Hawk, who bested him before the events of Super Street Fighter IV and told him to challenge him again when he got stronger.

The character of El Fuerte is inspired by real wrestlers from Mexico, in particular El Santo , a prominent Mexican wrestler who also wore a silver mask.

He makes a cameo appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken. This enables him to slide across the ground and launch his opponents by squeezing them through his bulging muscles.

Hakan is the father of seven young children and the president of a company that seeks to create the perfect olive oil. He is apparently old friends with E.

Honda, his fighting rival in Super Street Fighter IV. He is a Canadian member of Metro City's Mad Gear gang who originally appeared as a boss character in 's Final Fight.

Seeking to clean up his act, he starts up a legitimate scrap metal business in Metro City, aided by fellow Mad Gear members Roxy, Axl and J.

He is the game's largest character, towering over other heavyweights such as Zangief and Birdie. He has a move called the Ontario drop, and likes to mimic car sounds.

Despite fighting out of Metro City, he is noted for being the first playable character in the series who is a Canadian national.

She was first introduced in 's Rival Schools: United by Fate as a high school student who poses as a male biker in order to enroll at Gedo High and find out the truth behind her older brother Daigo's disappearance.

Her fighting style is derived from Bajiquan , a Chinese martial art that utilizes elbow and shoulder strikes. While the Rival Schools series has long been established as taking place in the same world as the Street Fighter series, Akira is the first Rival Schools character to appear as a guest in a mainline Street Fighter game.

Falke was built by Shadaloo to be an alternative clone for M. Bison and forced to undergo relentless experimentation and training.

After being rescued by Ed, the duo became founding members of Neo Shadaloo. Due to the experiments performed on her, she can channel psycho power through her staff "Harmony".

G is a character introduced in Street Fighter V DLC season 3, who claims to be the "President of the World" and seeks to unite all of its people, using social media to spread his message and streaming video of his battles with strong fighters.

During battle, he can perform a "G Charge" to increase his presidentiality level, enhancing his special moves.

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