Comparing the 310 Shake And the GNC Total Lean Shake

The 310 Lean Shake and the GNC Total Lean Shake are sometimes also referred to as Meal Replacement Shakes. This is because they work by making one feel full so that you do not end up consuming more food. Meal replacement shakes are different from protein shakes in three ways.

First, they help one lose weight while protein shakes help in the toning and firming of muscles. Second, they contain fewer proteins and more calories while protein shakes have a lot of proteins and fewer calories. Finally, a meal replacement shake can be a substitute for a meal, such as breakfast. It can also be used to complement your dietary intake, which means you can have a shake between meals. Doing this will make you eat your regular meals in smaller portions. Among protein shakes, GNC Protein Shakes are more popular than 310 Shakes.  

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It is highly recommended, however, that you take a meal replacement shake no more than one or two times a day. Why? It’s simple. A healthy adult requires between 1500 to 2500 calories a day. These meal replacement shakes contain between 180 and 220 calories per serving. Replacing three meals would mean one is only getting between 540 and 660 calories a day. Where would the other 1000+ calories come from?  

Anyway, our focus today will be on the comparison between the 310 Shake and the GNC Total Lean Shake. These are the most popular meal replacement shakes out there today. But which of them is actually better? We will try to answer this question today.  

The recommended serving size for the 310 shake is a single scoop of 27g. The serving size for the GNC Total Lean Shake is 52g, which are two scoops per serving. A packet of 310 Shake contains 28 servings (28 scoops) at a single scoop per serving, while a similar packet of GNC contains 16 servings (32 scoops) at two scoops per serving. The GNC Total Lean shake has 180 calories per serving, while the 310 shake has 220 calories per serving. We’ll now take a look at what is contained per single serving of both the 310 shake and the GNC Total Lean Shake.

Protein Content  

310 shakes have 15g of protein per 27g serving. GNC total lean meal replacement shake has 18g of Proteins per 52g serving. This means taking a GNC weight loss shake will yield results faster than the 310 shakes.

Sugar Content  

310 shakes have zero sugar content. They are sweetened by 100% natural sweeteners. GNC weight loss shakes have 2g of sugar per 52g serving, which is also a very low sugar content, perfect for any diet plan.

Fiber Content  

310 shakes have 5g of fiber per 27g of serving. GNC Total Lean shake has 8g of fiber per 52g. Fiber helps to ease digestion and makes one feel full after eating gnc lean shake burn those fats faster.

Mineral and Vitamin Content  

310 shakes have 20 essential minerals and vitamins per serving in a high concentration. GNC total lean meal replacement shakes contain 22 essential minerals and vitamins, albeit in a lower concentration. They both contain Vitamins E, B6, and B12, along with folic acid, biotin, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper, and potassium as common vital minerals and vitamins.

Texture and Flavour  

They both have a smooth texture, as one only requires to add water to the powder. However, the consistency is a matter of personal preference, and the amount of water you add depends on whether you want a thicker shake or a lighter more fluid drink. GNC Total Lean Shakes also come in a variety of flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and a host of many others, giving the user ultimate control in terms of personal preference.


Both the gnc total lean meal replacement shake review and the 310 meal replacement Shakes review proved that they are amazing. They both taste great and will help you lose weight. However, the GNC lean shakes are a little less filling than the 310 shakes, which makes them perfect for taking between meals. GNC Weight Loss Shakes are also significantly more nutritious per single serving. Both the GNC Total Lean Shake and the 310 Lean Shake, however, will help you burn those calories. They do control appetites and take care of those annoying cravings. Different people use them differently, either as a substitute for a meal such as breakfast, in between meals to reduce food intake, or before or after workouts. All these options yield different results in different people, so it is best to find the one customization that works for you.  


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