Don’t set your watch by Big Ben when it finally bongs again, Parliamentary authorities warn

After the resumption of chimes at 9am, Palace of Westminster clockmakers will work through the day adjusting the bells to ensure they strike at exactly the right time for Armistice Day commemorations at the 11th hour of the 11th month, followed by Remembrance Sunday events the following day.

The bells will again be disconnected after ringing the hour at 1pm on Sunday, Nov 12.

When Big Ben was silenced on Aug 21 for conservation works lasting four years on the Elizabeth Tower, it was made clear it would be restarted for important national events.

The chimes will next ring out on Dec 23 for the Christmas period, falling silent again at 1pm on Jan 1.

Conservation work will cease for the holidays, meaning there is no threat to workers’ hearing from the volume of the bongs, which was the reason they were originally stopped.

On other occasions when the chimes restart, work will be confined to lower, and quieter, levels of the tower.

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