HULU Plus: It’s Over 9000!


Hulu, like Netflix and HBO, is a video-streaming service that invites the user to browse its gallery of premium video content from a broad selection of television shows and feature-length films. All it costs is a meager monthly free and the user has exclusive access to Hulu’s library of entertainment, without any limit how much or often they can stream. Compared to Netflix, Hulu costs less and is better at updating its library with the newest episodes and films available than its counterpart, across all countries.  
That said, what exactly does the user get in return for their hard-earned money when subscribing to Hulu Plus?

Hulu Plus made its name in 2008 as an online streaming service launched by NBCUniversal, proud to present titles from every mainstream network. Since then, Hulu has acquired a community of 9 million paying viewers, being second only to YouTube in 2010 with its whopping 903 million views a month. In spite of this, Hulu is an ad-supported streaming service, and by 2017, it has yet to shake off this image of a forced advertisement model, with commercial advertisements running on the service occasionally.

The platform offers two plans for the viewer to choose from, those being the Hulu standard package and the Hulu Showtime design. Regardless of being the standard package, the Hulu plan releases television episodes on the platform the day after they air on their respective network. On the other hand, it allows only one device to stream at a time. The cost of Hulu Plus is $7.99 USD per month.

The primordial difference between Hulu and Hulu Showtime is the availability of certain content. When the viewer subscribes to Hulu Showtime, they are granted full access to the range of different award-winning television shows, movies, sports and documentaries from Showtime. Like the Hulu standard package, only one device can stream at a time. All for a total of $16.98 USD per month. In recent memory, Hulu has undergone ferocious expansion and now supports streaming on most devices, including the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Considering this, it is important to stress that Hulu’s collection of content is massive, no matter the plan. The cost Hulu is made worthwhile considering its unrivalled range of compatible devices, its colossal stock of popular content, not to mention its access to Showtime shows. Unfortunately, as said, its image of forced advertisement persists with its odd commercial on the platform, which is impossible to remove, unless you pay extra for Hulu Plus No Commercials. It is cumbersome to sit through. It may be the King of entertainment, but also the exclusive provider of commercials on a paid streaming service. This is especially trouble when the viewer experiences internet connectivity issues and the odd commercial breaks the flow, causing you to reload immediately after.

Then again, Hulu does boast of having one of the most extensive galleries of videos available for any streaming platform, partly because of its running advertisements. How extensive is this gallery? More than 9000 shows. You are unlikely to run out of content anytime soon. The cost of Hulu Plus No Commercials, $11.99 USD a month, is worthwhile if you can live with the loss of a few extra bucks. Considering that Netflix asks its viewers to pay extra to browse its content in HD, it is not completely unreasonable, and Hulu Plus offers everything you need except the lack of commercials.

The difference between Hulu and Hulu Plus, too, is impressive. Hulu is a free streaming service with limited content, acting as a teaser for what is available with the paid subscription plan. This is a rare, however refreshing occurrence in the streaming industry, made possible exactly due to the running of advertisements. What exactly are the commercials? They may be a few seconds or just a simple survey you can click away from, but still distracts from the on-demand viewing experience.

In short, the cost of Hulu Plus provides a broad library of premium video content assembled from both television shows – more than 9000 – and feature-length films. The main difference with Hulu Plus to other popular streaming services, such as Netflix, is the running of commercials. While this is something that only Hulu does, it does provide you the option to view content in HD and even allows you to taste Hulu Plus with a free streaming service, which is largely unheard of elsewhere in the industry.

The question is whether or not the advertisements annoy you. Why not figure out by browsing Hulu for free a bit?

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