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A few months ago, Alexandra Shulman, the exiting editor in chief of the renowned Vogue magazine, announced that she will be departing. This announcement sparked a series of events with the immense changes taking place. Her successor, Edward Enninful is looking forward to remake the magazine in his own image. On Thursday, he announced big names that will be joining them to enable remake the Vogue magazine as several leave their jobs in the wake of Shulmans departure.

Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Steve McQueen will assume their new roles at Vogue as contributing editors. The three supermodels will work together with Grace Coddington who is the former creative director. In a statement, Enninful said that he is thrilled that Kate, Naomi and Steve will be working with them. Enninful’s reign as the editor-in-chief officially begins on 1 August this year.

Campbell and McQueen are new signings, but Moss was a contributing fashion editor who has worked with Vogue since 2013. McQueen was the director of the Oscar winning movie 12 Years a Slave. Enninful has been friends with Moss and Campbell since they were teenagers and their involvement in the fashion industry has made an enormous impact on the culture.

What exactly do contributing editors do?

If you are a contributing editor, it means that you have written several articles for a newspaper, online publication or magazine to be called a frequent contributor. However, that does not necessarily mean that you have a regular column. For now, we can only speculate on the trio’s roles as the press release on the website does not give much detail of what the office hours will be.
The general attitude in the fashion world is expectant as they are watching and waiting eagerly to find out the effect of the Trio, given their combined star power.

Since the departure of Shulman, several other journalists departed. This leaves Enninful with a Herculean task of looking for senior figures to fill the position. Shulman has been working with the Vogue magazine as the editor-in-chief for more than 25 years and the announcement that she was standing down came as a shocker. This has caused several other key players to announce that they are leaving. They include the managing editor Frances Bentley, the deputy editor Emily Sheffield and Chambers.

Chambers has worked for the Vogue magazine for a whopping 36 years. Of the 36 years, she spent her last 25 years as the fashion director. In a statement, Chamber described the real state of Vogue which is in a major crisis. She said that although she knew that the June cover of the magazine was crap, she had to do it. In the June cover, Alexa Chung is featured in a Michael Kors T-shirt. Chambers added that she has not read the magazine for years as she felt that the clothes were irrelevant for most people and their prices were exaggerated.

Chambers added that the magazines have lost the authority they once had, what they want is just the latest and exclusive. They have stopped being useful and are always trying to make people buy what they do not need.
When talking to Vestoj, Chambers mentioned that she will not be hypocritical; she was not going to put on a brave face and tell people that she decided to leave the company while it is clear cut that she was fired.

Venetia Scott will be replacing Chambers as the fashion director next week. Scott kick started her career at the British Vogue under Grace Coddington, whose relationship with Vogue started when she was a little girl and with time, her name has become synonymous with the name. . She later moved on to becoming a fashion photographer and doing other publications.

The publisher of the Vogue, Conde Nast said that it is common for a new editor-in-chief to make changes to the team. However, the publisher outlined than Chambers claims that she was fired without the knowledge of the management was inaccurate as all changes that are made are done with the full knowledge of the senior management.

Emily Sheffield announced that she would be leaving the Vogue magazine after editing the October edition. She said that after working for 10 straight years with the Vogue, she felt that it was time for her to move on. She added that she looks forward to see the vision that Edward Enninful has for the Vogue.

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