Mocha Flavored Weight Loss Shake Vs Coffee: Which One is Better


There are many ways and techniques to lose weight. Everything from diet and exercise, to a weight loss shake. With the many weight loss shake options available, it is hard to say one is better than the other. Still, there are some facts that point to mocha flavored weight loss shakes being better than coffee.

Coffee Can Over Stress the Body

Coffee, especially when consumed in abnormal quantities, can have adverse effects on the human body. The caffeine in coffee can cause insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, nausea, upset stomach, and other side effects. Ideally, when doing a weight loss shake regimen, for it to be the most effective, you must eliminate all caffeine from your diet. The last thing you want is for the caffeinated, coffee to affect your body negatively.

Mocha Has Appetite Reducing Ingredients

Mocha is made with espresso and chocolate. Both of these ingredients, when consumed in moderate amounts, have been known to reduce appetite and increase energy levels. That can translate to weight loss when combined with diet and exercise. There are other not so weight losing friendly ingredients in mocha like milk, sugar, and whipped cream, so try to leave those ingredients out of your weight loss shake.

Mocha is a Better Flavor than Coffee

Many coffee drinkers, mocha has a better taste. Mocha is not as strong as coffee and the addition of chocolate, either powder or syrup, gives it a sweeter taste without needing as much sugar as a bitter cup of coffee needs in order to taste sweet. Flavor alone can make a mocha weight loss shake better and more effective than a coffee flavored shake since you will be more likely to continue drinking something you like as opposed to something you do not like. It cannot get better than losing weight while enjoying the flavor of the food and drink you use for losing weight.

Other benefits of mocha versus coffee are:

Mocha can boost your brain power – Mocha helps improve the blood flow around the brain. This is due to the combination of cacao and caffeine whereas caffeine alone will not provide any effects similar to that.

Mocha can improve your attention span – The Medical Daily reports the results of a study performed where mocha, due to its caffeine content can improve your attention span. Coffee alone has stronger and purer levels of caffeine and can leave you jumpy and jittery instead.

Mocha can improve your mood – The same study shows that mocha can improve your mood, unlike coffee. Coffee alone does not contain cacao, found in chocolate, and it might upset your stomach or prevent you from sleeping. Both of these side effects will alter your mood for the worse.

Mocha can lessen stress and anxiety – The very same study the Medical Daily reports about, found that mocha can lessen anxiety and stress levels. This is due to its chocolate content since cocoa or cacao have that effect on the human body Meanwhile, coffee has been found to cause problems like:

Digestive tract problems – Coffee has been known to irritate the stomach, stomach lining, and cause digestive tract problems. If ingested in large amounts, even as part of a weight loss shake regimen, it can cause as much damage as do good.

Coffee consumption can raise blood pressure – This is a very well-known fact. Many doctors will recommend reduction or full elimination of coffee drinking a for patients that suffer from high blood pressure and other similar health issues.

Coffee can cause incontinence – There are a few forms of incontinence, but coffee has been linked to this urinary condition. This condition is where urine will leak from the bladder when doing activities that push pressure on those muscles like sneezing, coughing, or laughing.

Coffee drinking will increase your sugar intake – If you drink coffee you are likely drinking it sugar. Sugar, also when consumed in unrecommended amounts, can cause a whole other set of problems, not to mention it can cause weight gain.


Everything in moderation is the main message is this article. That a mocha flavored weight loss shake is better than coffee. Both substances are similar, but the few things that set them apart can be the difference between losing five or fifteen pounds and then doing so in one week or one month. The weight loss by drinking one type of shake versus the other can come with health issues or without. Mocha has all the good benefits of coffee without the risks of coffee and in addition, mocha has a few benefits of its own.

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