Reviewing TruVision Products

TruVision, a company that that deals in supplements doesn’t need to give a lot of importance on their financials when they have products to sell. They have so many products, and their main concern is helping people live a healthier lifestyle. They do so by having many avenues to help you live a better life, such as appetite control, weight loss, improved digestion, and better sleep. It’s important to check out these claims by checking out TruVision reviews, taking the time to do our own review, and concluding whether they’re producing what they say they will. 

They deal in products that they claim offer a variety of benefits. These include supplements such truSlumber to improve the quality of sleep, Tru Fix to improve the chemical make-up of the blood as well as Tru Weight and energy to assist in weight loss. This supplement for weight loss has received a warning letter (September 2015) from FDA with claims that it has DMBA, which it not dangerous to begin with. TruVision proved how much it cares about its clientele by planning to remove the ingredients from their products.

While doing our TruVision review, we are going to keep our focus on those combinations used for weight loss: tru CONTROL as well as tru FIX.

What are the claims of truFIX? 

It lays claim to the ability to improve blood cholesterol, regulate the amount of sugar in the blood and take care of the well-being of the liver. 

The active ingredients are explained below: 

Alpha Lipoic Acid 

A study conducted in 2008 on patients suffering from HIV showed that ALA has the capability of improving Antioxidant levels. It also treats inflammation. It is also obtained from vegetables, meat and fruits. This goes to show that TruVision does care to include all-natural ingredients.


Needed for proper body functions and is obtained from foods such as fish, herbs, meat, potatoes and eggs. Taking the supplement may help if you have deficiency of chromium.

Raspberry Ketones 

A research conducted on rats found out that this supplement has the ability to assist in burning fats. This was a very positive indication. The company talked about its inclusion in the product by stating that it assists in preventing the build-up of plaque in the walls of the artery.


Magnesium restores blood glucose to the acceptable levels for those who have high amount of glucose in their blood and also reduces blood pressure. This makes it a very important supplement.


It has anti-oxidative characteristics. says that it is adequate in the diet we take making it unnecessary to be taken as a supplement.

From the above explanation, the claims made by Tru Fix are true. It can be said to be a good product. 

What are the claims made by TruCONTROL? 

This product is meant for those who want to increase their level of metabolism as well as reduce body fat.

The supplement boosts the level of body metabolism, reduce appetite and boosts energy levels. Measuring the positive effects of the ingredients contained in this product is not easy given that no specific amount is indicated.

Let us assess these ingredients:


3-4 mg per kg of body weight is the right measure for this ingredient. When one takes the right amount, one greatly improves the level of metabolism and fat oxidation. In addition, it also brings positive effects in the gym resulting in loss of fat.

Extract of Green Tea 

If you do not take caffeine frequently, then this ingredient will greatly improve your level of metabolism and oxidation of body fat.

Cocoa Powder 

Improvement in the flow of blood and reduction of blood pressure is a function well managed by cocoa powder. It does not burn fats or improve metabolism.


This is a special ingredient given that it has fat-burning properties on both the obese as well as the slim people. Its effectiveness depends on the dosage used. At the right levels it increases the adrenaline levels.


As many TruVision reviews, as well as ours, illustrate, the company has very nice products. They contain the all-natural, plant-based ingredients that they claim. Furthermore, these ingredients have been proven to have positive effects on the body. Check out all the TruVision has to offer!

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