The Truth About Niagen

You may have heard about a relatively new supplement called Niagen on the market that claims to be a groundbreaking new weapon in the fight against aging. It’s been attracting a lot of attention in the science and medical communities and many are calling it the newer, better resveratrol, a plant compound that’s found in red wine that’s been heralded in recent years for its incredible anti-aging effects.

Interestingly, this new discovery has been made by the very same lead researcher of resveratrol, Harvard Medical School’s Professor of Genetics Dr. David Sinclair, and its claims are even more impressive.

So, what is Niagen?

Niagen is the commercial name – and the only commercially available form – of nicotinamide riboside (NR), a B3 Vitamin found naturally in milk and beer.

Until the last few years, nicotinamide riboside didn’t mean much to the science community. But then Dr. Sinclair and his team made two breakthrough discoveries.

  1. They found that a compound known as NAD+ is responsible for effective communication between the nucleus and the mitochondria in our cells and that this communication is essential for normal cellular function. As we age, NAD+ levels decrease and so this communication breaks down, leading to an acceleration in the aging process.
  2. They detected that the B3 vitamin nicotinamide riboside is able to effectively increase levels of NAD+

NAD+ is found in every cell of every living organism. The use of nicotinamide riboside has been likened to a marriage counselor who gets in and restarts effective communication between the concerned parties – and that communication prompts cells to start behaving as if they were young again.

How can Niagen help me? 

The beauty of this supplement is that it can work for anyone. Niagen appears to have some incredible, and quite credible, cellular health benefits. Consumer reviews of Niagen, across Amazon and beyond, have reported increased energy levels, increased focus, better muscle strength, a healthier immune system and a better memory.

The use of nicotinamide riboside has also indicated weight loss benefits, due to its effects on metabolic efficiency.

How much Niagen should I take?

A recent human study looked at how NAD+ responded with varying dosages. Six males and six females received doses of 100, 300, or 1,000 mg of Nicotinamide Riboside and their NAD+ blood levels were measured at varying hourly intervals. Results indicated that nicotinamide riboside clearly increased NAD+ metabolism by amounts directly related to the doses given.

It also indicated that a 300mg dose was slower to reach maximum NAD+ levels in the blood, but it came to equal the 1,000mg dose at the 24-hour mark. In contrast, a daily dosage of 1,000 mg showed that the higher dose did not raise NAD+ levels beyond the level reached after the first dose. So, there does seem to be a ceiling on how much you can raise NAD+ levels.

It’s important to acknowledge that consuming more of a supplement is not necessarily the better method, and certainly that’s the case with nicotinamide riboside.

There are several Niagen supplements on the commercial market at present but like any supplement, not all are created equally. Only some leave the formula completely untouched. Live Cell Research currently offers one of the most popular supplements, containing 250mg of 100% pure nicotinamide riboside. The capsules are also vegetarian and contain no synthetic additives.

Live Cell Research Niagen advise that you take one daily capsule first thing in the morning with a full glass of water. The supplements should also be taken on an empty stomach.


Compared to the many products on the consumer market currently proclaiming their anti-aging abilities, Niagen certainly seems like a worthy new kid on the block.

Dr. Sinclair has received several scientific accolades for his work on nicotinamide riboside and was even named one of of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2014 for his groundbreaking research.

When you scroll through the various reviews from people actually using the product, it is pretty impressive how many of them seem to agree with each other on the benefits that they’re seeing.

If you’re purchasing from Live Cell Research there’s also a 90-day money back guarantee so you can definitely “try before you buy” without hesitation.

Is it safe? As a vitamin, nicotinamide riboside is found naturally in foods that we eat and studies seem to indicate yes, given you follow the correct dosage. One study in particular determined that Niagen may safely increase NAD+ levels without causing any unpleasant side-effects.

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