What Are the Best Meal Replacement Shakes and How Can They Benefit You?

A meal replacement shake is any type of liquid which has a substantial number of calories and is therefore utilized as an alternative to consuming a regular meal. Meal replacement shakes can either be homemade or pre-packaged.  


The following are some characteristics of the best meal replacements shakes:

  • They usually contain an array of minerals and vitamins.
  • Typically, meal replacement shakes are low in calories.
  • They are mainly formulated with the aim of achieving a sustained appetite suppression.
  • These nutritious shakes are meant to assist with weight gain or weight loss depending on the particular brand.
  • The manufacturers should strive to include only wholesome ingredients which can nourish the consumer’s body.
  • The product should be capable of mixing with other ingredients.


The following are factors to look at when purchasing the best meal replacement shakes: 

1. The product should be made using a healthy protein source. This protein should be rich in amino acids such as whey protein that is also easy to absorb and bioavailable. Select a brand with a nutritious protein source.

2. Aim for brands that have about 100 calories in every serving. However, this single serving should still contain adequate quantities of fiber, protein and nutrients. This helps in weight loss because of restricting calories.

3. It should have a limited sugar content. Sugar has been known to increase hunger and makes weight loss more challenging. Look for shake brands that contain minimal sugar per serving but still have a pleasant taste.

4. A good meal replacement shake should contain a wide range of vitamins as well as minerals. This ensures that the body is provided with what it requires to thrive and remain healthy.

5. A good shake should not have any artificial ingredients because they can have adverse effects on health. Artificial additives like artificial sweeteners, preservatives and food coloring should be completely avoided.

6. The product should be rich in fiber to regulate bowel movements and promote appetite suppression. The ideal amount would be about 5 grams in every serving.

The tips above can be used as a buying guide. Selecting products has become a daunting task owing to the numerous producers who are present in the competitive market.

Best meal replacement shakes

The following are some of the best meal replacement shakes that are currently available on the market for purchase:

310 Shake

This product is available in powder form and is packed with vitamins and minerals. It provides the consumer with 90 calories in every meal. It contains Magnesium, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Vitamin E, Iron, Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Biotin, Folate, Niacin, Thiamin, Vitamin D, Calcium and Vitamin A. It does not have any side effects. It boosts metabolism, lacks artificial ingredients, suppresses cravings, naturally suppresses hunger, has a pleasant taste and is dairy, gluten and sugar free. It uses stevia leaf extract as a sweetener instead of harmful sugar.

Ideal Shake

Each scoop of this nutritious product has 30 grams and the container contains about 30 servings. It lacks any trans fats and instead has healthy fats such as Sunflower Oil Creamer. This meal replacement shake is low in Sodium and packed with Vitamin D and Vitamin A. It has a sweet chocolate taste and a creamy texture but only if properly blended with ice/water.

RAW Organic Meal

This product is manufactured by Garden of Life. This meal replacement shake lacks artificial sweeteners, soy, lactose, dairy and even gluten. It is perfect for individuals who suffer from soy allergies, have lactose intolerance or are vegan. It’s satisfied most of the requirements for losing weight using a meal replacement shake. It has forty-five natural superfoods that provide an array of minerals, energy, vitamins, healthy fats and other nutrients. The formula also has live probiotics that are beneficial to the digestive and immune systems.

Nutrition 53 Lean1

This meal replacement shake is a product of Nutrition 53. It helps consumers to control calorie intake while providing vital nutrients and fighting hunger. It has a proper serving of 10 grams of dietary fiber and 20 grams of whey protein to suppress appetite and preserve muscle. It has a total of 17 extracts of anti-oxidizing vegetables and fruits and a powerful combination of twenty-seven essential minerals and vitamins. It is available in 7 different flavors and is gluten free. Probiotics and green bean extract in this shake heavily contribute to weight loss.


If you’re looking to try the best meal replacement shakes, do your research first and definitely check out the options above, which stand out for their ingredient integrity, wholesome profiles and results.

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